Windows 10 1703 Image with strange issue

  • I know in Windows 10 the default action is to not allow certain apps to open from the local administrator account. Edge doesn’t open under the local admin, but it brings up a box stating that it won’t open as local admin. Not sure about IE.

  • Hi, i recreated my image, only installed all updates and added fog client and office 365.
    After deployment and adding the machine to the domain i cannot start iexplore.exe or office 365 activation if i am not the domain administrator, every other user cannot use it.

    I have the feeling MS is working against reimaging of OEM Version, else i cannot explain this problem.

    Anyone with ideas?

    Regards X23

  • Moderator

    I’m almost 100% sure this is not a FOG issue. If I could make a suggestion, ask this question over on the Spiceworks Community forum. You will have a better chance for someone with “hands-on” experience with 1703 and image creation.

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