Windows 10 1703 Image with strange issue

  • Hi,

    i am sure this is not a FOG Problem but i like to ask you all.
    I’ve created a Windows 10 1703 like i always do over admin mode, i was using the same scripts i did with 1607, everything is identical.

    Now when i deploy that 1703 Image everything goes fine until i try to start internet explorer or try to register office 365.
    The registration window for office 365 never appears (it’s not a proxy problem) i only see the grey box but it never asks for username and password and when i try to start internet explorer i can see the process in task manager but ie never appears (gui).

    The only user account where the office reg and ie works is the domain admin account, that doesnt work with local accounts or other domain accounts even when i give them admin rights.

    This is kind of strange, reinstalling office 365 doesnt solve this, i think my image is messed up but i have no idea why that happens.

    I wasted a lot of time creating these images over virtual box, and while creating them i dont have a chance to test this because i just work with the local admin account until i trigger sysprep to create the image, only after deploying i can see the problems i mention now.

    Anyone else with such problem with Windows 10 1703?

    Regards X23

  • @george1421 said in Windows 10 1703 Image with strange issue:

    @x23piracy Must have been Tom’s magic pixies that he packed into FOG 1.4.2

    I don’t think so ;) Today i deployed a mix of different machines and the strange shit is back.
    The case is the first user i log on (domain user) has a working office registration and a starting internet explorer, but each other user i logon to that computer has the issue again.

    What the hell could this be?

    Every new user will be created from the default user, i always use copy profile in unattended.xml so what should cause an issue like that with the problems i talk about only with every user that logs in after the initial one? This is so strange…

    Regards X23

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    @x23piracy Must have been Tom’s magic pixies that he packed into FOG 1.4.2

  • I deployed my UEFI Image in the last hours to 4 different UEFI Systems and it was working on all, i don’t know what happened in the last days when it was not working but it seems to be okay now… Strange!

    I maybe should mention that i updated to 1.4.2 from 1.4.1 last night, but i don’t see any relation.

    Regards X23

  • curious, when i deploy my image back to a vm office 365 activation and internet explorer is working fine. What could this be when this will not work on a physical machine? head scratching…

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    @x23piracy said in Windows 10 1703 Image with strange issue:

    i know this, but you simply gain reimage rights with a single purchase of a VL copy

    I guess my point is this. OEM media != to VLK media. If you have a vlk key then you should use the vlk media that may have certain things unlocked where OEM may be different. I have no proof one way or the other.

  • @george1421 i know this, but you simply gain reimage rights with a single purchase of a VL copy. Then you are also allowed to reimage OEM (thats just a rights fact), what i think is that ms knows that a lot of people do reimaging with OEM so maybe they are evil like features to disable lockscreen in pro version (they disabled that with 1607, now with 1703 you can redisable lockscreen)

    Since i do everything exactly with 1703 like with 1607 i think ms is seeding traps here.

    I will figure this out, i create a new image and change nothing, then i run sysprep and i will see if ie is working or not. If so i can add office 365 to see how that performs.

    Some other rumors could be “CopyProfile” in unattend.xml, i read some stuff where people say CopyProfile breaks sysprep:

    Regards X23

  • @Avaryan i dont talk about starting edge in local administrative account. After sysprepping you cannot start iexplore or activate office 365. ie doesnt show up but there is a process in taskmgr, the office activation window is left grey after 2 minutes it states that it cannot connect to the actication servers (thats not an online problem).

    I know that some programs are not startable under local admin account but thats not the issue. FYI you can change this in the registry:

    Did this in the past to make edge default settings.

    But like i said thats not the issue here.

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    @x23piracy said in Windows 10 1703 Image with strange issue:

    I have the feeling MS is working against reimaging of OEM Version

    Just for clarity, it is against the MS EULA to alter OEM media or images. You can (re)deploy OEM images as long as they are not altered in any way from the way MS constructs the OEM image. To say it another way, making adjustments to the image with applications or settings must be done post imaging with some third party tool (like pdq deploy). OEM EULA licenses do now allow you to create a golden image from OEM media, adjust it, and repackage it for redeployment. You need a VLK media and key for that.

    If you have Win10 pro OEM you can purchase a single VLK key for Win10 pro (plus 4 other items to get to the 5 lice count) and deploy Win10 Pro VLK to as many systems as you were originally licensed Win10 Pro OEM. You can not upgrade licenses with this method. If you want to deploy Win10 Ent you must purchase an upgrade license (VLK) for each machine you want to run Win10 Ent on.

  • I know in Windows 10 the default action is to not allow certain apps to open from the local administrator account. Edge doesn’t open under the local admin, but it brings up a box stating that it won’t open as local admin. Not sure about IE.

  • Hi, i recreated my image, only installed all updates and added fog client and office 365.
    After deployment and adding the machine to the domain i cannot start iexplore.exe or office 365 activation if i am not the domain administrator, every other user cannot use it.

    I have the feeling MS is working against reimaging of OEM Version, else i cannot explain this problem.

    Anyone with ideas?

    Regards X23

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    I’m almost 100% sure this is not a FOG issue. If I could make a suggestion, ask this question over on the Spiceworks Community forum. You will have a better chance for someone with “hands-on” experience with 1703 and image creation.

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