Change default storage image location.

  • I would like the request a feature to be added where you can change the default image storage location to another system drive. It can be at install with a prompt where you are asked which drive you would like to store the images on.

    the reason why when running virtual servers we tend to have 2 sets of raid, 1 raid stores the Operating system drives, and the other which stores the data.

    thanks in advance

  • Senior Developer

    This is already possible in more way’s than one.

    You define the storage location in the GUI, but to have it “maintain” this availability you need to update your /opt/fog/.fogsettings storageLocation= line. This will allow updates to update the exports file for the new location as well.

  • I think this might already be possible by creating a new Storage Node/Group or modifying the existing. I haven’t done it, but it might be worth looking into until someone that actually knows what they are talking about responds.

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