• Does anybody have any experience with uploading Windows Embedded images from a Wyse thin client to the Fog server and than pushing this image out to target machines?

    I ask, because last time I tried to install something to a Wyse thin client not from a USB-drive that had been formatted using their format utility – the install (while initially appearing to have installed correctly, when shutdown and started back up) would go on an endless startup, shutoff, start up cycle.

    I don’t know if this the above was because Wyse thin clients require the correct image to be installed on them, or if the install itself must be through some “special” way, i.e. via USB. I believe, in my readings that I read that the Wyse images could be deployed via Windows Deployment Service (with some add-in that can be downloaded), but that’s why I chose FOG to avoid having to go through the hassle of I daresay begging the company to purchase the licenses and such that come with Windows Server.

    In the end, if Wyse Thin clients cannot be deployed via FOG, then I will have to pass on recommending the use of these thin clients, else I’ll have to be doing all the configuration by hand…

    EDIT: I have uploaded a PDF I found at the Wyse support website regarding prepping for deployment (via WDM).

    [url="/_imported_xf_attachments/0/147_Prepping a WES7 Image for Deployment.pdf?:"]Prepping a WES7 Image for Deployment.pdf[/url]

  • I don’t know if this is any help to you now, but someone else may benefit:
    I was getting GRUB errors with DelFX710 thin clients running Windows 7 WES (window Embedded). These thins had the most recent updates applied and would be unbootable. I found some fresh out of the box without the updates (same thin client hardware). Perfect images no problem. The defining difference (I think) is that the non-updated ones used GRUB 1.5. The new ones GRUB 2.

    For what its worth.

  • Sorry, no. Ended up abandoning the thin client in favor of tablets and Linux-based nettops.

  • Any success with this? I’m attempting VDI imaging and deployment for a Dell thin client solution.
    Would Windows embedded be consider Windows(other)?