WOL on a switched network

  • “Wake Up will attempt to send the Wake-On-LAN packet to the computer to turn the computer on. In switched environments, you typically need to configure your hardware to allow for this (iphelper).”

    there doesn’t happen to be a guide for this anywhere, is there?

  • Thanks! but turns out my WOL wasn’t working because I had to update the driver of the NIC card, and then it only works during standby and hibernate… also, my switches were of the unmanaged type, so i didn’t have problems 🙂

  • Hi neildaemond + HNY all 🙂

    This might help … [url]http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=Cisco_Wake_on_lan[/url]

    We have Cisco kit here and I’m told this is similar to the code that our IT department have used to enable SCCM/Config Manager to work on one of the other VLANs. WoL helpers aren’t configured on the VLAN we use though … we did have PXE configured on the DHCP server until it was disabled 😞

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