Normally I always disable TPM and Secure Boot before Imaging a machine - whether Capture or Deploy.

The fact that TPM wasn’t in the BIOS got me started on this, and disabling TPM worked like normal when the PS commands were run.

The issue with that command - I just ran it on the machine I Deployed to. BitLocker was never enabled - I get this error:

ERROR: An error occurred (code 0x80310008): BitLocker Drive Encryption is not enabled on this drive. Turn on BitLocker.

Looked at BitLocker through Control Panel? Turned off.
Right-clicked the <C: > drive in “This PC”? Asks if you want to Enable it.

That’s why I was looking for TPM and not BitLocker.

I know I said “machine I Deployed to”. I didn’t have BitLocker enabled on the machine I Captured - my fix was disabling TPM.