@Quazz said in Massive packet loss/NIC issues with new Dell 7070 Ultra in FOG: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1652865 Some other people having a similar issue, problem possibly fixed on newer kernel version. @no0NE Go to the Kernel Update page and try grabbing the Kernel 5.1.16 Thanks for the info! I’m quite sure it’s related to the kernels, i’ve tried ubuntu 19.10 kernel 5.3.0-18 and it works fine there… (what made me confused and starting this thread was due to the same PC’s - 1 to start with and now 3 tested all worked fine with same firmwares, OS’s, network/cables etc…!) I forgot to tell i also tried the TomElliot 5.1.16 (“mac/nvme fix”) kernel with the same results during my kernel troubleshooting this monday. So i can’t DOA the PC to Dell, but i’ll try to call their support to ask them what may differ between the physical PC’s settings wise, hardware, firmwares etc.