Update Still unable to get the MACs from Host(), but I think I’m getting closer. I just dont know what I’m supposed to do with the output of a ->get() call. public function onEvent($event, $data) { $hostData["name"] = $data['HostName']; $iData = var_export($hostData,true); $hostObj = new Host($hostData); $hData = var_export($hostObj,true); $primaryMac = $hostObj->get('primac')->get('mac'); $macList = array(); foreach ((array)$hostObj->get('additionalMACs') as $ind => &$MAC) { $macList[] = $MAC; } $oData1 = var_export($primaryMac,true); $oData2 = var_export($macList,true); file_put_contents("/var/www/fog/ds_fw.log",$iData . "\n" . $hData . "\n" . $oData1 . "\n" . $oData2); } } $primaryMac results in NULL, and $macList results in an empty array. I picked/adjusted the $macList loop from one of the pages code, so that ‘should’ theoretically work, as long as the get()'s actually return data.