@alexpolytech94 The shrinking of the disk when using single disk resizable is a bit of black magic. Sometimes because of the actual data size or location of the data on the disk its not possible to shrink the volume down enough to make it fit on a disk that is 1/2 the size of the source disk. I won’t go into too much detail, but if you have a partition that is fixed in size that can’t shrink, but a partition just before it on the disk that can shrink, fog will shrink the one that can be shrunk but leaves the one that can’t be shrunk as it were. If you were to deploy that image to a computer with half the size that non shrunk partition would be technically beyond the last sector on the 1/2 size disk.

To put it another way, always build your mother image on the smallest disk possible, because it can expand to a larger target disk more often than shrink your image to fit on a smaller disk.

When I was building golden images I would build them on a VM with a 50GB hard drive (smaller than anything I would deploy it to) and then let FOG expand the disk to match the target disk size. That always worked.