• Hello ,

    I have a problem with several DHCP areas for my differents networks.

    Currently I have several networks managed by multiple dhcp areas with a dhcp relay agent .

    I have no problem to deploy images in unicast but in multicast, it only works for my main network (or there is my server FOG) for my other dhcp areas , the multicast deployment remains blocked on screen “Starting to restore image (-) to device (/ dev / sda1)”

    Do you have any idea how to remedy this?

    Thank you !

  • Thanks for your reply, I have installed the IGMP protocol on my routing server under windows server 2008 but I do not know how to configure it and I do not find much about this on the internet, could you explain to me How to setup this?

  • Moderator

    multicasting works really well when the target and fog server are on the same subnet (vlan). If you have multiple vlans isolated with a router, then for multicasting you need to have a multicast router setup to. This will forward the multicast streams through your core router. Also you will want to turn on igmp snooping on the vlan where your target computers are. This will allow only the systems who request the multicast stream to use them (multicast sparse mode vs dense mode)