UNSOLVED Yum-cron default safe for FOG?

  • Wanting to set up yum-cron for my server for auto updates so I don’t have to remember to run yum update all the time. I was wondering if, since cron’s defualt is upgrade not update, it is safe for a FOG enviroment? Thanks!

  • @Wayne-Workman Thanks so much! Setting up auto updates will be next on the list 🙂

  • @Soph.jpg I would recommend against updating the OS without immediately also updating FOG to the latest stable afterwards.

    I intensely test 9 different Linux distributions daily against the latest fog installer code & the latest patches for said distros for quality control - this is an automated process. I am fairly confident that FOG or OS updates specifically will not break the installation process for the master branch of FOG - because we will catch it in the lower-tier branches. Of course something environment specific could break it for you though - and then you’d be down until you figured that out.

    Scripting the automatic updating and installation of fog is not complex, it’s a couple of lines. cd to the correct git directory, git checkout master;git pull;cd bin;./installfog.sh -y and you’re off to the races. If you want to get fancy, it’s very easy to setup this so that you can get a success/failure message on Slack when these things happen.

  • I’m not aware of “yum upgrade vs. yum update”.

    What I am aware of is:

    From source
    “yum upgrade forces the removal of obsolete packages, while yum update may or may not also do this. The removal of obsolete packages can be risky, as it may remove packages that you use.”

    So either form is bound to cause potential problems.

  • Of course! Sorry new to this… CentOS7, FOG 1.3.5

  • We need to know your OS distribution & version and fog version to give you the best advice.