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    I’m looking to setup a FOG server for imaging purposes within a network. I have been in communication with the network guys at my company, and they have been opening ports for me to use the service. One they are hesitant to open for my use is the mySQL port because the transfer of data on that port isn’t very secure. What tasks is this port actually used for? I’ve been able to do hardware inventories without it open, but i haven’t been able to capture an image for deployment.


  • I agree with George, this is a NFS Port problem.

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    @hancocza I’m going to say you have an nfs issue, where you might not have all of the ports open you need.

  • I have all of those enabled and don’t use dnsmasq, so it looks to be more like a server config issue. Here are the screenshots of the process.

    I have a little experience from messing with terminal in the past, so with some guidance I should be able to do it.

    Also forgot to mention, running 1.4.0 RC 3 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Also the firewall is currently disabled, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

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    @hancocza For fog the client does not directly interact with mysql. It only interacts with it via the FOG server. The client connects via http, https, tftp, ftp, and nfs to the fog server. If you are using dnsmasq on fog server then you need port 67, 68, 4011.

    still hangs on the init scripts portion

    Please provide a screen shot of this error. The init scripts bits use nfs to connect back to the fog server. If you have some linux skills I can tell you how to configure the FOS engine (the linux OS that runs on the target computer) for debugging.

    ref: FOG firewall requirements (from fog server perspective) https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/6162/firewall-configuration

  • Sorry about that. It is a basic installation. The only storage is on the FOG server itself. It only needs the clients to be able to reach it, and deploy images and snapins. It uses the companies DNS/DHCP routers, and clients are pointed to the server using a bootable iPXE usb. I’ve made sure that NFS, FTP and portmap are all enabled through the routers, but it still hangs on the init scripts portion, before failing to mount the filesystem. So I was curious if not enabling mySQL access had anything to do with that.

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    You might want to explain how you have your FOG server setup and if you are using or planning on using remote storage nodes. Your fog server doesn’t need mysql access enabled externally as long as you have no fog storage nodes setup.