• Base OS=Ubuntu 16.04
    Fog Version= 1.3.4

    I am moving my fog server from system a to system b. I have restored all of my data to the new server and almost everything looks good on the new clean install. the one thing that did not come over when I restored my groups.csv is the list of what hosts belong to what group. How do I get this information to come over to the new server? Everything else appears to be working.

  • If you followed this you wouldn’t have the problem: https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=Migrate_FOG

  • The exports don’t copy the “associations”.

    Hosts have a type of association, but it’s not an accurate system there. The separation between images and the actual image table is not accurate.

    When new data is being imported, the ID’s are not the same, so when you export groups, you can’t really export the host associations. This is because the groupID’s will change, and the hostID’s will likely not match either.

    Your best bet, when migrating, grab the SQL from the original, and import that. This way all yoru data including associations are copied between systems.