UNSOLVED Failed to complete capture (savePartition)

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.3.4
    • OS: Debian8
    • Service Version:
    • OS: Ubuntu 16 et Windows7 (dualboot)

    When I try to capture an image from my server,
    I get the error message “Failed tro complete capture”.
    However, my hard drive is almost empty.

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    @riko with this error, it appears to be a software error on the target computer’s hard drive. Clonezilla and FOG uses the same disk cloning engine called partclone. I found this answer on the clonezilla site: http://drbl.org/faq/fine-print.php?path=./2_System/108_bitmap_free_count_err.faq#108_bitmap_free_count_err.faq

    It says:
    "You should make sure the file system integrity is OK before you save it as an image, i.e. the file system is unmounted cleanly. If you want to check and repair the file system, you can run “fsck” on GNU/Linux or ‘chkdsk /f’, ‘chkdsk /p /r’ on MS Windows. For GNU/Linux file system, e.g. ext4, reiserfs, you can also check option “-fsck-src-part-y” when you save an image. "

  • First, i get this error message at cloning.
    Then, few secandes after:

  • @george1421
    The partclone starts and a few minutes later, a message of error came “extfsclone: bitmap free count err partclone get free:14450300 but extfs get 14450386”.
    Clic here
    The screen look like my error message.

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    @riko We had the same issue in another thread. In that case there was a physical issue with the hard drive. What we found if you watch the process (very carefully) while partclone is deploying the image. Partclone will abort part of the way through the deployment and print the error on the screen for less than 1 second. When it aborts FOG only knows that it stopped in the middle of the deployment and it doesn’t know why so it guesses the most likely cause (FOG server disk space).

    So, what I want you to try is to see if the reported issue is ONLY with this specific target computer by trying to upload another target. You can try to capture this system again and closely watch the partclone process for partition 3 and see if you can read the error (quickly).

    ref link: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/9758/fog-upload-issues

  • Ok, no problem. This is the link:
    Lien du screen

    I have the same error message.

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    Would you post a clear screen shot of the error (taken with a mobile). Its important to see the context of the error (i.e. the dialog before and after the error).