• At the moment I have two different FOG servers that get used for different stuff and they are never used at the same time. Anyway server one is running ver. 029 and server two is running ver. 32. I hate the way that the ver 32 server displays inventory items. For instance when you select HOSTS, LIST ALL HOSTS, they are listed in the order that they were registered with that server not by any other selectable sort criteria. I like the ver 29 lists for HOSTS, LIST ALL HOSTS,HOSTNAMEs are listed as one would assume, alpha-numerically. Can this be corrected with a patch? If there was one and only feature that could be added or changed it would be the ability to delete image name and be able to recover the image #. I have about 150+ pcs that fall into 8 different models and each model has 2 images, a default image and a Backup of that image. That would be 16 different images. The problem is that we get a lot of requests for different software builds. The new build might get rolled out on three different models and that would be another 3 images. These new build request happen all the time, such that my image library grows by about 1-2 new images per week. Once the client is thru with their requested build, I no longer need that image but even when I delete the image name, the image number is still unavailable. It would be sweet if there were a couple of options for reclaiming those numbers and or re-sorting the number list to keep the schema populated by the lowest contiguous numbers.

    Can I get that after lunch?

  • Moderator

    Implementing link based server side sorting is not that hard. I’ve done it several times using the codebase in the EQdkp product. Client side sorting is a bit more complex and intensive trying to make it work on multiple browsers and slow computers.

    As for recovering image numbers, it’s not a complex task, but does require some SQL queries. There is a very helpful and well-written forum thread about purging unwanted images and renumbering them based on whatever needs you want.

    It involves getting the existing imageid, setting it to the new value, and then updating all hosts that had the old value with the new value. Easily doable from phpmyadmin or the command line, if you know basic SQL.

    There is no easy way through the FOG UI to update the image numbers, but in FOG 0.33, I think we’ll be able to make custom pages and that’s one I’d gladly contribute to the FOG community.

  • Developer

    Please create bug report for the unintended sorting behavior.