SOLVED Storage Management not showing my images

  • Server Ubuntu 16.04
    • FOG Version: 1.3.4

    So I had to build a new FOG server as we couldn’t image our new machines. I got everything setup and working however when I click Images/List all images nothing happens even though I pushed an image up to the new server (See Dashboard Pic), also when I do a search for the image it give me an error: Search!1_1490036082416_Errorwhensearching.JPG 0_1490036082416_Dashboard.JPG Failed Internal Server Error, Pic attached. Weird thing is if I go to Storage Management and change the IP address back to my old fog server it will show me the old images I had. Any ideas???

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    @michaeloberg use the Git method here to upgrade:
    No it shouldn’t mess up your current installation. If you want it to break your current setup, just let me know and I will show you how.

  • @Tom-Elliott So my FOG server is operating correctly now, what is the upgrade path and how do I go to 1.3.5? most important is this going to mess anything up now that I have everything running?

  • @george1421 Thank you guys! This is the simply the best imaging solution out there!

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    @michaeloberg well if you just want to look at it more < /opt/fog/.fogsettings

    Old guys like me like to use vi vi /opt/fog/.fogsettings but you have to be a bit insane to use vi if you are a linux novice. (hint: esc : q to exit vi)

    FWIW in linux terms any file name that starts with a dot ( . ) is a hidden file (i.e. .fogsettings). You can list hidden files with this command in the current directory ls -la that will show you long format ( -l ) and all files ( -a )

  • @george1421 Could you send me the syntax we used today to look @ the .fogsettings as again I am a Linux novice, I am going to make note of this.
    Thanks again!

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    @george1421 The short answer was the fog (linux) user and .fogsettings were consistent but the ftp password in the storage node configuration in the GUI was incorrect. We resyn’d everything and tested to ensure that fog could log in with a new putty session to the FOG server.

  • @michaeloberg This is resolved!
    Thanks @george1421

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    @michaeloberg I just sent you a IM look for the little talk bubble on the forum tool tray.

    to edit you can use vi (only if you are a crazy old guy like me) or gedit if you are using the graphical front end for linux.

  • @michaeloberg the . before a file makes the file “hidden”.

    To view the file you would use the command ls -a I would think. Most commonly people use ls -la

  • @george1421 Again I know little about Linux so maybe I am just not familiar with the syntax to open/edit the .fogsettings
    Sorry and thanks for your help, I am loosing sleep over this.

  • @george1421 It doesn’t seem I have the .fogsettings


    Is there another place I should be looking?

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    @michaeloberg Ah, a picture says much more than words.

    The third picture with the FTP errors.

    What happens is that the image is uploaded to the FOG server into /images/dev/<mac_address> If you look there you will probably find your uploaded image.

    The next thing that happens after the files are uploaded is that the FOS Engine (running on the target computer) connects to the FOG server using FTP, and instructs the FOG server to move the uploaded image from /images/dev/<mac_address> to /images/<image_name>.

    What we’ve seen happen is that there is a linux user called fog that gets out of sync with the storage node configuration for the master fog server.

    The Fix:
    What you need to do is this

    1. Look at the storage node configuration for the master FOG server, at the bottom there is a user name of fog and a password. Click on the little eye and copy the password out and paste it into a text editor.
    2. On the fog server linux console with a text editor open the following file /opt/fog/.fogsettings there is a field in there called password ensure what you pasted into the text editor in step 1 is the same as in the .fogsettings file. If not update the .fogsettings password field to match the gui.
    3. Exit out of the .fogsettings file.
    4. Now on the fog server linux console reset the fog user’s linux password with the following command sudo passwd fog set it to the password that was saved in step 1 (fwiw: this linux user has nothing to do with the default web gui user called fog).
    5. Now lets confirm that you can log into the fog server from a windows computer using the ftp program, with the user of fog and the password that was saved in step 1. If you can login via ftp with the user fog using the web gui password, then success.

  • So just to make this clear, I don’t wish to import images from the old fog server to the new fog server. I am simply trying to push up my master image from the host to the new fog server, and as I am doing this you can see the storage going down on my new server so I know it is receiving the image. See Pic of dashboard
    Here you can see it is uploading
    Here you can see some sort of invalid login?
    And it fails here:

    When I change the storage node back to old Fog Server I can use my new one to push and store the image on the old Storage Node.

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    @michaeloberg said in Storage Management not showing my images:

    745 G3

    Can you post a screen shot of your image definition “745 G3”

  • @george1421 I don’t much care about my old images, I can just push them from a host back up to the new FOG server which I have done but still doesn’t seem to show. I should have an image name 745 G3

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    @michaeloberg Ok so what version of fog are you running right now?

    Your first image of /images is not showing any legacy image files in there.

    Your second image is showing the proper shares for FOG /images and /images/dev

  • OK followup on this, darn I just built my new fog server and don’t know how to update it to the latest version, but with that said my IP of my new FOG server is indeed and the old storage node is and when I change that in Storage Management it works fine. Attached are the commands you wanted me to run but again want to tell you I am a novice at Linux. Thanks for the help thus far.
    Mike1_1490143265208_2.JPG 0_1490143265205_1.JPG

  • For the imaging problem, if the FOG Server now has the proper definitions for images and the files are present, you might first start by updating to 1.3.5.

    Of course this would first assume you have setup the definitions properly.

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    @michaeloberg And is the IP address of your fog server?

    if on the fog server you key in the following what does it show: showmount -e

    That command will show the nfs exports on your FOG server.

    Can you also confirm that the image directory exists in /images/<image_name> and then in that directory you have files ls -la /images/<image_name>