Load Grub4Dos in Syslinux Question?

  • Since FOG uses Syslinux, I believe their is a way to load Grub4Dos within it.

    I believe I was successful at loading Grub4Dos within Syslinux. However when the menu pops up I get the message that Error 15: File not found regardless of the Dos application I load. And regardless of what I change the path it does not register right.

    I was trying to extract Hiren’s Boot CD, and load its menu rather than load Hiren.iso, and only load the specific applications within Hirens. Hiren.iso does load properly, but extracting it does not load right.

    Do I have to load a certain partition? It does say Grub4Dos loading as I boot into the application. So it seems to be loading properly. I have Googled this to no end and any help is much appreciated.

    Thanks for the help!

  • Hi. i force a similar problem.
    and i have to say, i am not an linux expert.
    i use the fog server on a ubuntu machine and i modded the pxe menu to boot a hirensboot.

    i can point on the boot.gz file which contains all dos programs, but when startig a test it asks to load a cd-rom driver.

    today i found the isolinux.iso and cfg file. is the fog server able to list the isolinux.cfg file?

    some help would be nice.