Power Management - Logged in or not

  • In the old days you could say don’t shutdown unless the machine was not logged in.
    Can you still accomplish this?

  • @ITCC I’d make sure on both fronts.

    Yes, tick the box in the fog settings, but the “checkbox” is typically checked on hosts even if they’re not “enforcing”. This because it get’s its information from the FOG Settings -> Active Directory Defaults -> Similar named checkbox setting.

    Just because this is checked on the host does not mean it’s actually set. It’s not because I like making people confused, but rather how the checkbox is checked. I can’t know which method you’re intending for while being able to auto-set the box when you do want to enable domain join and what not, so this is set based on the value in the default location specified above.

  • Thanks Tom,
    Just to clarify as i don’t want to stop the client from rebooting at other times.

    the goal is to shutdown pc’s at night if not in use.
    But if i send a FOG job to required, it should still countdown etc… and complete.

    i have:


    So i just remove the tick from 1st image?

  • FOG Configuration Page->FOG Settings->FOG_TASK_FORCE_REBOOT

  • Yes. Under host->active directory->Reboot host on hostname changes and AD changes even if users are logged in?