UNSOLVED Windows 10 Home Edition? Possible?

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    So I’m looking to image a bunch of Windows 10 Home edition laptops. If I had a choice, we wouldn’t be using home edition. But that’s the hand I’ve been dealt. Is it possible to use FOG to image/deploy with Home Edition computers? I’m struggling to find information about it. I suspect no, but can’t hurt to ask…

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    @thisisryanswift You can surely image home edition. You would create your reference image just as you would for pro. You can preload application, and set some custom configurations, then sysprep the image.

    The issue you run into is more of a legal / licensing issue than a physical one. Home and OEM licenses (of all flavors) doesn’t support (hint: allow) reimaging rights. You can only install from OEM media unmodified. AFAIK Home version doesn’t have a VLK key to allow reimaging like Pro does. Just be aware of this restriction.

    From a physical standpoint OEM images will not run the setupcomplete.cmd file at the end of OOBE. You might get around this by modifying the first run section of the unattend.xml file.

  • @Joe-Schmitt Awesome, thanks for the info. Do you know if one of those limitations would be pre installing software? I have a few applications I’m looking to get installed during set up/imaging

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    @thisisryanswift from FOG’s perspective there is little to no difference between a Windows 10 home edition versus a Windows 10 enterprise edition. You can absolutely clone it, and the client will be able to manage it. The only limitations you will hit are ones with the features (or lack thereof) of Home edition. For example, I’m fairly certain at least Pro edition is required to join a computer to a domain.