SOLVED Fresh Install of FOG 1.3.4 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

  • @shoong Don’t use FOG 1.2.0, and don’t build a new server using Ubuntu 14.

    Use the latest stuff. Ubuntu 16.04 and FOG 1.3.x

    Because - when 1.2.0 doesn’t do this and doesn’t work for that and all the other things that can go wrong with it and just not work with new hardware - all of us here are going to tell you to go to the latest FOG Version.

  • weird:

    I restarted the server. still couldn’t hit it
    I then did apt-get update/upgrade, restarted, and it worked.

  • Moderator

    While this question is off point, why are you installing FOG 1.2.0? I might recommend fog 1.3.x if you need M.2 (NVMe) disk support, gpt format, uefi firmware, or win10 support.

    But back on to your question. Did you remember to disable selinux (or better set it to permissive) and also disable the linux firewall (iptables)?

    If you did all of that make sure apache is running.