UNSOLVED Cloning Existing HDD to SSD Win7

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    • FOG Version: 1.3.3
    • OS: Ubuntu 14.04
    • Service Version: 0.11.8
    • OS: Windows 7 64bit

    I am trying to upgrade the HDD in existing workstations to SSD. I was hoping to simply clone the existing drive. I was able to capture and deploy the image just fine. Windows 7 booted off of the SSD no problem (and much faster than before). But upon reboot, I get the BSOD. I was kind of worried that this might happen. I know Windows is picky about this sort of thing. What can I do to fix this?

    I’m currently trying to deploy the image one more time. Then I’m going to disable auto reboot upon receiving a BSOD so I can write the error down. Thanks.

  • I reconfigured Windows 7 to use ACHI by following the instructions in this article.


    Worked like a charm!

  • It’s working perfectly fine now. I think there was some other factor that messed it up last time. Now, I just have to see if I can configure the BIOS to use AHCI instead of IDE compatibility mode. I know Windows won’t like that until I change a registry setting. Thanks for you help.

  • exact brand and model of ssd?
    firmware version of ssd/s?
    bsod code exact error msg, there are various ones?
    FYI some ssd manufacturers have own cloning software solutions hdd > ssd.
    I would migrate one computer from hdd to ssd first without getting fog in touch, then take an image and deploy to computers with ssd already inside 😉

  • @george1421 Yes, the only component that is being changed is drive from HDD->SSD. I captured them using single disk resizable too. I can see if the original drive needs to be defragmented. Like I said, it boots up and works just fine the first time around. But then Windows says I must reboot, probably to install new driver for the SSD. Then I get the BSOD.

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    @lddman Ok, so the only thing that is changing on these systems are the hard drives? They are the same exact computer other than the HDD->SSD swap?

    If that is the case it should work OK. You captured them using single disk resizable?

    Where you might run into an issue is if the HDD was not defragmented or badly fragmented where there was data all over the disk. The fog resize function doesn’t move data around on the drives is just squeezes the air out (free space) of the end of the drive.

  • @george1421 Yes, they are SATA SSD drives.

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    These are SATA SSD drives right? If they are nvme then you have a problem with Win7 until its been patched with 2 KBs.