• Just wondering if fog automatically resets the encryption data for the host when deploying an image or if that needs to be done manually. If it isn’t done automatically it, is there a reason it isn’t?

  • Good to know… Thanks

  • I’ve not had problems with not doing it so I assume it is cleared when an image is deployed, but generally I do it via groups for every host before a large image or snapin deployment just for good measure. Encryption token issues crop up and you may never know it until a snapin deployment doesn’t work on half of your machines.

    If you have 2K+ hosts checking in every 10 minutes, resetting it for all hosts in the middle of the day probably isn’t the best idea, it hits the fog server really hard because processing the token/encryption stuff requires a bit of compute. Multiply that by the number of hosts you have and that can be a pretty a heavy load.