[HELP WANTED] Client Internationalization

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    We are currently in the process of adding internationalization support to the client (i.e. all text your end user sees will be in their language). We are looking for people to help with the translations of a small set of phrases the client uses into other languages.

    We currently have translations / translators for:

    • Basque
    • Dutch
    • French
    • German
    • Hungary
    • Norwegian
    • Spanish (Spain)

    If you’re interested in adding an additional language to the client, when you translate, please put the language above the phrases, and leave the phrases in the original ordering and format (basically just copy and paste the phrase list, replacing text), this will help me greatly.

    Below is a list of phrases that should be translated:

    {company} needs to perform maintenance on this computer.
    Please save any work and close all programs.
    Restart Now
    Shutdown Now 
    Postpone for
    X hour(s) Y minute(s) Z second(s)
    Shutdown Aborted
    Shutdown has been aborted
    Shutdown Delayed
    Shutdown has been delayed for {time}
    Shutdown will occur in {time}
    You are about to be logged off
    You will be logged off if you remain inactive
    Installing {snapin name}
    Please do not shutdown until this is completed
    {snapin name} installed
    Installation has finished and is now ready for use
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    @Kirill Great, I will add this to the fog-client in the next days!

    For the FOG translations you wanna take a look at the files here: https://github.com/FOGProject/fogproject/tree/dev-branch/packages/web/management/languages

    The master branch points to the current version (1.5.8 as of now) and for new things we work on dev-branch (as in the link above) or created feature branches. As we don’t have much changes in the language files currently I would suggest you work on what we have in dev-branch.

    Best if you grab a copy of the english version and start translating on that. I know there are many lines marked as fuzzy because of changes in strings. I was hoping to clean this up at some point but never got to it so far. If you are keen you are more than welcome to clean this up first. Would be really great!

  • @Sebastian-Roth
    Thank you for your quick response. I attach the translation below.

    I also think I have time to translate the entire project, can you direct me to the correct branch?

    {company} необходимо выполнить технические работы на этом компьютере.
    Пожалуйста, сохраните ваши файлы и закройте все программы.
    Перезагрузить сейчас
    Завершение работы сейчас
    Отложите на 
    Х час(а) У минут(ы) з секунд(ы)
    Завершение работы прервано
    Завершение работы было прервано
    Завершение работы отложено
    Завершение работы отложено на {time}
    Завершение работы будет выполно через {time}
    Вы собираетесь выйти из системы
    Вы выйдете из системы, если будете оставаться неактивным
    Установка {snapin name}
    Пожалуйста, не выключайте, установка не будет завершена
    {snapin name} установлено
    Установка завершена и готово к использованию
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    @Kirill Hi and welcome to the forums! We appreciate people helping with translations and many other things.

    From what you say I am not exactly sure if you mean translating the fog-client software (which this topic is about) or the whole FOG project (mainly web UI)? I would say we should start with the fog-client as this is easy and quick. Take a look at the very first post in this topic (6th of Dec 2016 by Joe Schmitt) for a list of phrases we need translated for the fog-client software - it’s not PO based.

    About POEditor: I have not used it myself. We manage the PO files for FOG project (web UI) manually so far. POEditor seems like a nice tool to work on the translations in collaboration. But it’s not free if you want to manage more than 1000 translation strings. Currently we have more than 2000! I don’t think we can afford the money to use POEditor. Not sure if there are other nice tools out there - we use plain text editors.

  • Hi, first of all, I want to thank you for such a wonderful project and solution. Secondly, I would like to help the project translate it into Russian.

    what do you use to make a translation? can there be a similar service?


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    @AlexPDX @mousepl Thanks to you both. Just added RO and PL language to the fog-client. Will be in the next release.

  • Translation for pl-PL

    {company} musi wykonać akcję na tym komputerze.
    Proszę zapisać swoją pracę i zamknąć wszystkie programy.
    Zrestartuj teraz
    Zamknij teraz 
    Przełóż o
    X godzin Y minut Z sekund
    Zamykanie anulowane
    Zamykanie zostało anulowane
    Zamykanie przełożone
    Zamykanie zostało przełożone na {time}
    Zamknięcie nastąpi za {time}
    Zostaniesz wylogowany
    Zostaniesz wylogowany jeśli będziesz nieaktywny
    Instalacja {snapin name}
    Proszę nie wyłączać komputera dopóki instalacja nie zostanie zakończona
    {snapin name} zainstalowano
    Instalacja została zakończona```

  • Hello, im From Romania - RO and i think you should add this langue to 🙂 …here is the translation

    {company} trebuie să efectueze o mentenanță pe acest computer.
    Vă rugăm să salvați orice lucrare și să închideți toate programele.
    Restartează ACUM
    Oprește ACUM
    Reamintește in
    X ore Y minute Z secunde
    Oprire Anulata
    Oprirea a fost anulata
    Oprire Amânata
    Oprirea a fost amanata pentru {time}
    Oprirea se va petrece in {time}
    Urmează sa fii deconectat curând
    Vei fi deconectat dacă vei rămâne inactiv
    Se instaleaza {snapin name}
    Va rugam sa nu Închideți pana la finalizarea acestui proces 
    {snapin name} Sa Instalat
    Instalarea sa încheiat cu succes si poate fi folosit
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    @mousepl Sure is. Send in the translation and I will add it to the next version of the fog-client.

  • Does this translation file is still in use? I would like to make translation to polish - pl-PL

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    @Valer Thanks! I just added your translations to the client. We hope to be able to release a new fog-client version in the next weeks.

  • Czech language code cs-CZ

    {company} je vyžadována údržba tohoto počítače.
    Uložte prosím Vaši práci a ukončete všechny programy.
    Restartovat nyní
    Vypnout nyní
    Odložit o
    X hodin Y minut Z sekund
    Vypnutí přerušeno
    Vypnutí bylo přerušeno
    Vypnutí odloženo
    Vypnutí bylo odloženo o {time}
    K vypnutí dojde v {time}
    Chystáte se odhlásit
    Pokud zůstanete neaktivní, budete odhlášeni
    Instaluje se {snapin name}
    Prosím nevypínejte počítač dokud nebude dokončeno.
    {snapin name} byl instalován
    Instalace byla dokončena a je nyní připravena k použití
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    @scosta Thanks! Will add this. Just have not had the time to do so and not sure when that will be. But be assured, this is not lost.

  • Hello there from Brazil. If you still need, here’s a translation to “pt-BR” (brazilian portuguese)

    {company} precisa realizar manutenção neste computador.
    Por favor salve todos os documentos e feche todos os programas.
    Reiniciar Agora
    Desligar Agora
    Adiar por
    X hora(s) Y minuto(s) Z segundo(s)
    Desligamento abortado
    Desligamento foi abortado
    Desligamendo adiado
    Desligamento foi adiado para {time}
    Desligamento acontecerá em {time}
    Você está prestes a ser desconectado
    Você será desconectado se permanecer inativo
    Instalando {snapin name}
    Por favor não desligue até a instalação ser concluída
    {snapin name} instalado
    Instalação foi concluída e está pronta para uso```
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    @Phaturia client version 0.11.13 includes your translations, thank you for making them!

  • @sebastian-roth OOO WooW nice ^^

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    @Phaturia Totally forgot to tell you that I finally got around to add this to the client code. I am really sorry for taking so long but hey, will be in the next release for sure!

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    @Phaturia Thanks heaps for this. I have this on my list to be added to the fog-client but I didn’t find the time yet. Will post here when it’s added.

  • Here is the hungarian one:

    hu-HU (Hungary)

    A {company} karbantartást kell végeznie ezen a számítógépen.
    Kérjük mentse el a munkáját és zárjon be minden programot.
    Újraindítás most
    Leállítás most 
    Elhalasztás ennyi ideig
    X óra Y perc Z másodperc
    Leállítás megszakítva
    A Leállítás meg lett szakítva
    Leállítás elhalasztása
    A Leállítás el lett halasztva ennyi ideig {time}
    A Leállítás ekkor fog megtörténni {time}
    Ön ki lesz jelentkeztetve
    Ön ki lesz jelentkeztetve, ha továbbra is tétlen marad
    {snapin name} telepítése
    Kérjük ne kapcsolja ki a számítógépét, amig a folyamat be nem fejeződik.
    {snapin name} feltelepítve
    A telepítés befejeződött és készen áll a használatra

  • @Joe-Schmitt It is for bokmål, nb_NO