General Information coming for RC 26

  • While I know we’re quite heavy into the RC’s I wanted to inform people of what change will be coming with RC-26 that I feel needs to be presented before ‘public’ release.

    The changes will include betterment and bug fixes as always, but one of the more significant changes is the “copy back old data” element the installer currently uses.

    During the 1.3.0 we introduced a capability to “copy back old” data from the backups. This was a way to help people that have custom layouts where the FOG folders are where they copied ISO’s and other custom information. While this worked for most, there are currently a few issues with the approach. Because we don’t know the layout and what is “safe” or “not safe” to change/remove, the current method just copies the backed up data to the web root location. After this, the new data is written over the top of the backed up files. This works, mostly, but can leave unintentional duplicate files due to file structure changes from older development builds (and 1.2.0) to current.

    In an effort to prevent these issues I have decided to default this capability in an “off” mode. This does not mean any custom data is lost, just it isn’t automatically copied back.

    I’ve introduced a new CLI switch to enable this element. On the first use of the switch and run it will save the variable in your fogsettings file so you don’t constantly need to use the CLI switch. The switch can be -o or --oldcopy. You can also “trick” this by adding copybackold=1 or running the installer with copybackold=1 ./ -y

    Hopefully you all understand WHY I’ve decided to make this change. Too many times I’m asking people to remove all of this in an attempt to correct things.

  • Developer

    @Wayne-Workman the custom things Tom’s referring to is stuff like hooks, where you have created additional or enabled built in one’s which are turned off by default and any plugins & custom pxe backgrounds etc… which will get reverted back to system default going forward.

  • I feel most people are not putting custom files into their web directory, so this would benefit the majority of users and is therefore a good move. Plus, people who are customizing stuff ought to know about their customizations and take measurements to protect those things (Or not even have them in the web dir to begin with).