SOLVED Unable to deploy image after upgrade to 1.3.0-RC-24

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.3.0-RC-24
    • OS: Ubuntu 14.4
    • Service Version: Latest
    • OS: WIndows

    Unable to deploy image, fog thinks the deployment went well and it took 4 seconds to complete. It didnt go through partclone page as it would normally.


    Please help!

  • While I’m super glad to have pushed up RC-25, I just wanted others to understand the idea.

    The original issue is I switched over to a much less SQL tasking request system. Basically, the way things where (while much progress had been made originally anyway) very sql taxing. For a host, you might have had 12 separate SQL queries per each host to get the data.

    I figured out a nicer mechanism around this, but missed two steps. While I was testing things, I was very minimally doing so just ensuring things were operational, not necessary “working” if that makes sense.

    To fix this particular issue I basically had to have the class load itself again which doesn’t do much to get away from sql queries.

    I’ve since fixed this issue, tested, and validated it’s operational and functional as well without the excess SQL queries which will be available for RC-26.

    Just thought it’d be good to give everyone a heads up on it.


  • @Tom-Elliott thanks for the quick response and resolution.

    it is now deploying again. imaging part is surely critical 😛

  • @Tom-Elliott im going to test it and will get back to you with the result.


  • @kwetiaw Please update again, I just pushed up RC-25 as imaging is pretty critical (I find).

    Sorry about having the issue but all appears fixed now. I was able to confirm the issue.

  • Hi @Tom-Elliott

    here’s the image i was trying to deploy, I managed to deploy this same image when the server was running 1.3.0 RC-14

    Nothing has changed at all.

  • @kwetiaw as this is a single partition restore the disk wouldn’t be configured to operate, from what I can see.

    Is this intentionally a single partition restore?