How can be boot a windows machine via USB pen drive for capture an image

  • Dear Team,

    Do you have any bootable ISO so that we can boot any system by pendrive and can capture an image.

    I Followed these steps:

    but did not work for me.
    How can we boot any system by USB Pendrive and by PXE?
    Can we get steps for the same?

  • @devsamit Alright. We can help you sort this out. First, I congratulate you on trying to setup FOG yourself, and I congratulate you again about seeking help here. That said, I would recommend you install (not upgrade) Ubuntu 16.04 on the laptop, and then install FOG 1.3.0 Release Candidate onto it. There are many reasons for this that I’d be glad to explain, but it’s quite a long list of reasons.

    These steps if done without delay might take an hour.

  • @Wayne-Workman

    I would like to explain everything, we have 50 users in our office and having DNS/DHCP & AD for that.
    I have taken 1 laptop and install Ubuntu 12.04 and setup Fog_1.2.0 server over it and connected with my official network environment.
    So My question are, Is there any setting or changes we have to do in FOG server either DHCP server to boot another machine via a Fog menu for capture an image? Can you please guide me how can i boot from PXE?

    Please help me for the same i will be very thankful to you…

  • Those instructions you found do work. In all cases involving FOG, you must have a FOG Server setup - pen drive or not. The pen drive instructions are only meant to overcome PXE problems on troublesome hardware. The recommended method has always been PXE.

    And, saying it didn’t work for you doesn’t aid us in helping you. We need specifics. Exact errors, photos, even video if you want to post it via YouTube or something. Exactly what didn’t work?