SOLVED Running a storage node as an independent pxe/tftp server at remote location

  • I have a Master Fog server at HQ and 2 satellite offices that I want to get joined to this setup. Both offices connect to hq via vpn. Ideally, i want each location to be a storage node for replication of images (only want to create new images in one place), but I also need these locations to be able to independently operate for pxe/tftp. I tried looking through the steps for multiple tftp/pxe in the tutorials but the information seems a bit out dated and I am not sure what still applies (tried a number of things with no success).

    HQ is running dnsmasq as DHCP is handled by the domain controller. Do i need to set up dnsmasq on the storage nodes as well since they will not be handling DHCP either? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Is this set up even possible?

  • @george1421worked perfectly. thanks!

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    First let me say that if you are using FOG 1.3.0-RCx servers then the storage nodes includes the bits (tftp, pxe) to support this. If you are using 1.2.0 then you have some manual work to get these services installed.

    You only need dnsmasq when your dhcp server can’t supply the dhcp options 66 and 67 for pxe booting. Adding in dnsmasq adds a bit of complexity but it is manageable.

    Yes in your example above this is totally possible. You will have your remote dhcp servers point dhcp options 66 and 67 toward your storage nodes at the remote locations.

    You will also need to use the location plugin so that you can direct the target computes towards their local storage node. You will create one storage group and then place the FOG server in that storage group as a master node and then add the remote storage nodes to that same storage group. This will then start the images and snapins replicating right away.