UNSOLVED ADD share folder Buffalo NAS after fog installation

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    • FOG Version: 1.3.0
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    it’s possible after installed FOG change the storage position from Internal HDD to LAN Buffalo shared directory ?
    IP fog Server is ( default storage internal HDD 1Terabyte \images directory )
    I will change the Storage position to NAS ( 192.168.1.xxx ) into \images folder ( shared sftp,ftp,atp service enabled )

    note: when connected to NAS via ftp the path showed is /mnt/array/images

    fron ubuntu file manager the network is avaliable and accessible

  • @zingaro That’s not NFS, in the command it says cifs. without heavy init modification, fog will not work with cifs. Also, you shouldn’t setup an NFS share this way, either. The share does not get mounted to the server at all, because if it were, imaging would not work. The Linux kernel will not allow you to re-export an already exported directory. You don’t even need to touch the CLI of the main server to do this. Just the NAS and the web interface of FOG.

    On the NAS, create an NFS share with full read/write permissions for everyone. Create an FTP user called fog and grant it full rights to the share. In the share, make a file called .mntcheck and a folder called dev and inside of dev make another file called .mntcheck Then plug in the IP address and share name and the fog user along with it’s password, and ftp path into FOG’s web interface.

  • @Wayne-Workman Hi,
    i was created an NFS point with edit fstab files:
    // /mnt/lswxl cifs username=xxxx,password=xxxx 0 0

    and work fine after mount -a , i see the files into /mnt/lswxl/ .

    Next Step ?

  • @zingaro Create an NFS share on it, and an FTP share for the same place. Create a ‘fog’ user for FTP, give it full control over the NAS image directory. make .mntcheck and /dev/.mntcheck inside the directory. Plug this info into Storage Management as a new node.

    Search the forums for examples, it’s been done many times before.

  • @Wayne-Workman
    can you help me with the configuration?
    I would not destroy the system!

    you can not set up access dirct from fog 1.3 menu.
    it’s possible run again the fog wizard setup ? ( i remember that fog setup asks mount NFS access )

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    @zingaro The key is to have the ftp user home directory set up to the images folder root.

    I did write a proof of concept tutorial on how to make a windows server storage node for FOG. It doesn’t directly relate to your buffalo device, but you can draw some parallels between the two. https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/6941/windows-server-as-fog-storage-node-proof-of-concept-blog

  • if the device supports NFS & FTP - or iSCSI, you can do it.