UNSOLVED More Snapin Oddities

  • Server
    • Version: 14.04
    • OS: Ubuntu
    • Version: 11.2
    • OS: Win7x64

    So I was told today by a tech they were having issues getting snapins to run. When I went to look there was a bunch of tasks Queued and ready to go. However, when I looked closely I saw that the same host was trying to run all kinds of different snapins. When I went to the host I saw this:

    Now these were not added by someone here. However, the 1-xxx snapins were the machines imaged today. So for some reason every time we have imaged today, snapins are getting randomly assigned to the hosts getting imaged. As well as sometimes the 1-xxx will disappear from hosts.

    As a side note, I also have it set to allow no more than 3 snapins per host.

    Not sure what is going on lol. Oh, I will add this is also a rolled back DB from one of my previous posts. So I don’t if it is the version I am running or my DB is getting jacked all up with false items. Just very odd.

    EDIT: Now when trying to dpeloy an imamge I get this :

    Failed to create tasking to some or all

    29692 Failed to start tasking type Deploy
    Type: 8, File: /var/www/html/fog/lib/fog/fogbase.class.php, Line: 793, Message: Undefined index: value, Host:, Username: fog

  • Guessing this is working now?

  • @Tom-Elliott Repulled, will keep an eye on it tomorrow.

  • @adukes40 please update your rc11 installation. I’m pretty confident what you’re describing was fixed just last night.

  • I have this monitoring script I wrote a while back, it can be tweaked to monitor snapins for hosts, so we can figure out exactly when this is happening, that may help us figure out why.

    Also, check your apache error logs, anything look weird?