UNSOLVED "No Boot Device Found" after updating kernel

  • Server
    • Version: 1.2.0
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

    My troubles started when I tried to register a Latitude E7470, Win7 machine as a host. The message “Fast TSC calibration failed” showed on the screen, which would lead to it hanging while attemping to register. After some research, I found out I should update my kernel.

    When I update the kernel, I am able to get to the fog splash screen and select “Perform Full Host Registration and Inventory.” After it’s selected, a quick error is flashed from ipxe and the screen reads “No Boot Device Found. Press any key to reboot the machine.”

    The error from ipxe is “Operation not permitted” with the web address http://ipxe.org/410c613c.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • I’d also recommend not upgrading your OS to 14 or 16, it will not go well with fog. Sit aside the old server (or swap out HDDs or something) and build a new one from scratch, if you are going to build a new server, I’d recommend going with Ubuntu 16 only because it’s the latest and will be supported the longest.

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    @fistfullofpans Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 should both work. FOG 1.3 always run the latest if possible. It’s on RC11 now.

  • Hey guys, sorry for the slow update. I wasn’t able to get into the office to reach the server and check things out to answer your questions.

    @Quazz - I checked the permissions, and the only thing amiss was the Group. I changed it to match the original bzImage files.

    @george1421 - I updated to the newest version, Kernel.TomElliott.4.7.3. The computers are in legacy mode. When I did the compatibility test, the network failed and the disk passed.

    As far as a new kit, what version of Ubuntu is recommended, and which version of fog1.3.0 is the most stable?

    @Wayne-Workman - The fog server is also the DHCP server.

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    said in "No Boot Device Found" after updating kernel:

    Fast TSC calibration failed

    That message isn’t really all that important.

    I’m guessing operation not permitted, means you should check ownership/permission of bzimage and init.xz

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    What kernel version did you update to? Also are these computers in uefi or legacy mode? If they came with win10 on them then they were in uefi mode from dell.

    Did you attempt to run the FOG compatibility test from the iPXE boot menu? That latitude is pretty new (we use the 7270s). But we are also running fog 1.3.0-RCx series. I can say that the 7270s do work with the updated version of fog. Your kit is a bit old. Ubuntu 12.04 is not a good candidate for FOG 1.3.0-RCx series.

  • Whatever is serving DHCP in your environment, change it’s Option 067 / Bootfile to undionly.kpxe and see if that helps, if not then try undionly.kkpxe - note the extra k.