SOLVED Empty Slots not correct

  • Hello

    We are running Fog 1.3 RC8 on Ubuntu 14.04.
    Yesterday we were deploying to 44 computers (unicast) and noticed that the value of the queue is not correct.
    The value of the queue stays at : No open slots, There are 0 before me…
    The functionality of the queue is correct , there are 10 slots and when one computer is done the next computer gets the slot.
    Just a minor bug 🙂

  • Senior Developer

    THe slots are correct, for the time they check in.

    Basically, you are playing against a clock. When one system checks in, followed by another, the queue number should change. 0 before me, typically, means that there is one system ahead of it and when that one system completes it will begin moving forward.

    But lets say you’re imaging 10 systems, and have 5 in queue. It’s fully possibly two systems complete, while the other five are still in queue. One might say 0 before me already, and the others in the proper order saying 1, 2, 3, 4 etc…

    But when those 2 systems complete, now there’s 2 open slots, but they’re not ready to be used quite yet. So two of the 5 systems might end up saying “0 before me”, and as soon as they can, they will start the tasking.

    Also remember that there is a timeout for wait time. This is so systems waiting in line can continue on even if another system that was tasked before it becomes unusable. If we only kept in track, anything behind that one system might never get completed because they’re all waiting for that one system to complete. So some of the numbers are a bit odd.

    It’s also possible that both systems checked in at more or less the same time. So both systems might say the same thing simply because there’s not a nice way to actually determine who was first or second. Partly because statements to the SQL server may take longer from one system to another (even though they’re doing the same thing).