Forum not working with Firefox (tested 38 ESR, 45 ESR) on Ubuntu

  • Senior Developer

    I’ve been even more quiet that in the last weeks because I am not able to post answers using Firefox here. This is on Ubuntu. I have no idea if this is a general issue or just something to do with my installation. On the other hand I was able to post answers a couple of weeks ago. Don’t think anything hast changed on the client side since then.

    The funny thing is I do get the edit box on the bottom end of the page when clicking “Reply” but the buttons Submit/Discard just don’t do anything.

    Sending this via chrome…

  • Moderator

    I can’t tell you what version I’m running at home. But I am able to use FF on Zorin (ubuntu based). That is my primary browser I use for the fog forums. I can confirm when I get home. As for right now I’m using FF 47.0 on my windows computer and it is fine.

  • Senior Developer

    Possibly unrelated, but I suddenly cannot respond on mobile device. So far I’ve only had my iPhone but I’ve tried with Google Chrome and Safari on the phone and it will not allow me to post any comments as well.

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