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  • Have a confirmation line at the end of the registration script. Doing a couple thousand registrations this summer, and it appears if you typo, you have to reboot and start over again. Could the confirmation be set as the last line, with a Y or N. Y would do the registration and move on, where the N would either clear it out and go back to the top and start over, or maybe retain the information typed in, then ENTER down to the line with the typo and make a quick change.

    As always if there is a way to do this currently I will give it a shot, if not thanks for listening 🙂

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    @Wayne-Workman The other option is for the OP to extract the inits make the change to fog registration script and then recompress the inits and then exchange the “fixed” inits on his fog server with the official ones.

  • Tom may or may not do a confirmation at the end of full-registration.

    It’s up to him.

    I’m personally against it, because we’re trying to get to release.

  • @Wayne-Workman Well I have the client on the master image, and being all the devices will be getting imaged this summer anyway, we were just doing it all in one motion.

  • If you deploy the new client via GPO properly, all computers will auto-register and show up as pending. That prevents you from having to register manually. Doesn’t help with new systems though.

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