Get older trunk-Version (3671)

  • Because of a Servercrash I had to set up fog new (last working trunk was 3671)
    How can i get the older Trunk because in 8405 my Printermanagement is not working with my clients any more.

    Thanks for Your help

    F.J. (Germany)

  • Senior Developer

    @gretsch your issue the the legacy client’s PrinterManager should be fixed if you update your server.

  • And that’s how the volunteers are here. 🙂

    Good advice, speedy response, fast fixes.

    Normally when things go wrong in trunk - it’s not a massive problem, normally the devs can fix it with minor changes.

  • The printer add/remove should be fixed now. It was due to an incorrect variable call. Just update and all should be right in the world.

  • Senior Developer

    @gretsch there is no reason/need to manually set the new client to use https. It provides no security benefit as the traffic is already secured.

    Also, if there is an issue with the legacy client not working with printermanager then make a post in our bugs section with the fog.log and revision number. That way it can get patched.

    As for removing printers, it appears there already a bug report here, so you can monitor that thread for a fix.

  • @Wayne-Workman Thank you for your help!!

    updated to 8442 via svn like you said 🙂

    What i further found out since then:

    Legacy client didn’t work in PrinterManagement any more (No connection to Server)
    I changed the client (set it to the new one 0.11.2) and changed on the host from http to https (in the clients settings.json)

    Now PrinterManagement works fine on client.

    But another problem is now Printermanagement in the webGui of fog - cannot remove a Printer - I have to go to the phpMyAdmin to remove it

    How can i solve that problem

    Thanks for your help again!!


  • Please note that the SVN version number and the Trunk version number do not match. If your fog cloud said 3671, then svn 3671 is NOT what you want. The FOG Trunk version number is a fair bit ahead of the svn version number.

    Also note - if your DB is from 8405 - Importing it into 3671 is definitely not going to work.

    My advice to you would be - instead of going to a very old version of fog - work with the @Senior-Developers to get printer management working again.

    svn co -r 3671