• Hi there guys,

    we are making a new NetWork Environment with a new Windows (2012 R2) domain controller. When we do a PXE boot , FOG asks “Please enter the TFTP server”.

    If i do this correctly , it just start up the FOG screen. So that works.
    But how is it possible that he asks this?

    I did the DHCP settings (so option 66 (IP: and option 67 (undionly.kpxe))

    What is our problem?
    I find more topics of this but not directly an solution for my problem.

    GIT : 8413

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    @pencils You can leave the first one empty, I believe as it refers to the name most commonly, whereas the second has to be the IP.

  • The OP said they had setup DHCP on a Windows server. 66 and 67 is Windows, Linux DHCP doesn’t use numbers.

  • Are you using DNSMasq? if so there is a line where you declare the IP Address of your FOG server twice.

    The setting is headed as #the boot file name.

    In my case it was dhcp-boot=undionly.0,IPAddress,IPAddress

    I didnt quite understand why it was delcared twice so i took one off. And whilst PXE booting it asked for the TFTP server IP address. When i put that back in it stopped asking.

  • wiki worthy. I don’t think I’ve put this in the wiki yet.

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    It sounds like you might have 2 dhcp servers on this subnet. When iPXE asks for the tftp server address this means that your dhcp server did not deliver this information correctly. If you say that dhcp options 66 is set to the ip address then it sounds like there is more going on than we know right now.

    If your dhcp server, fog server and booting target computer are on the same subnet then you can run the following command on your fog server to capture the dhcp traffic. Post the pcap file here so the devs can review the dhcp process.

    tcpdump -w output.pcap port 67 or port 68 or port 69

    Please also take a picture of the error screen with your mobile and post the picture here. Sometimes we can see errors that posters don’t notice.