• What’s stopping the storage node installation from adding itself into the DB as a storage node?

    The group can be set as blank, I just checked.

    Also, the installer can check if the node already exists or not via querying the address field.

    The node’s name can just be the computer’s host name.

    The sys-admin can change the name and group as they see fit in the web interface later.
    This eliminates the need to write anything down or to copy/paste as well.

  • @Wayne-Workman This in latest release I take it? Should help with new nodes I plan to add within the next few weeks.

  • Looks like the pull request was merged.

    Now, newly installed storage nodes will add themselves to the storage node list, under Storage Management.

    Admins need only to assign them to the correct storage group, and tick the “Enabled” checkbox on them, and save.

    So nice.

  • Proposed changes are below. I’m sure there’s a better way via PHP on the main server via a web request, but this absolutely works: