Unable To Register A Windows 7 Machine With A Killer e2400 device

  • Hi Everyone,

    Could someone please tell me which Kernel, I should be using for this device? I am unable to get through the registration process. Thank you.


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    @ga1985 Welcome to the forums. This is definitely kind of an unusual FOG question but I am happy to try and find out if we can help you.

    Do I get you right there? You are trying to PXE boot and image this network device? As this seems to be kind of a black box device I guess it will be quite hard to find out the drivers we need in the kernel to PXE boot this device. Are you able to boot any kind of live linux (USB key or CDROM) on it? If yes, then give us the full output of lspci -nn and lsblk!

    I am unable to get through the registration process.

    Any error message you see? Please post a picture here!

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    OK after looking at their web site for about 10 minutes I have no frick’n clue what they are selling. But after watching the video I see they are selling what I might call a network adapter(??). Will that work with fog? Probably not unless they have linux kernel drivers and you build a custom FOG kernel.

    [edit] after digging around a bit more I found that this appears to be a windows only network interface (or at least they only supply windows drivers)

  • Thanks for the reply, I am running .32 at the moment. This customer has a large amount of devices registered and I am hoping there is a way to keep it with the current version.

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    What version of fog are you using? (hint: look at the cloud on the web gui page).

    Bit of info if you are attempting to install/use win10, gpt disks or uefi firmware you will want to use the latest trunk build. Just be aware since the trunk build is a dev build there is a some instability in the code. But reported errors get the quickest attention.