SOLVED Moved /images from old server onto new. How do I get new server to recognize these images?

  • So i have setup a new fogserver and copied all my images from the old fogserver to /images on the new one following this post instructions [](link url)
    But nothing comes up under Image Management on the web gui. I did notice the new version of fog has a export/import option under images but the old version does not and because of issues with my old server I am not able to upgrade it take advantage of this new feature. So anyway I can get these image entries into this new database?

  • Thanks this worked.

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    While I totally agree with what George said I am not sure if it is totally clear what he meant. By copy & paste he means that you just (re-)create all image definitions on your new server by hand while adopting the settings from the old system (image type, OS type, …). Changing any of the mentioned settings might cause errors on deploy but should not destroy any of your images.

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    How many images are you talking about. It may be quicker to just charge through and manually copy and paste the information between the FOG server. If you are talking about 20 or more images then we can work out some solution to export the info from the database. But you will have many less future troubles if you just go the copy and paste route between the webguis.