Volume not Found Error when Deploying Image.

  • So i’m still having issues deploying an image to a host. I’m running Fog 1.2 with Ubuntu Server 14.04

    I was originally running Fog .32 and upgraded to Fog 1.2. I uploaded an image from a host to my new fog server using an image from fog .32 and made the changes to allow me the option of setting the image type to partclone or partimage. I set the image type to partimage and every time I try and deploy the image i get the following errors.


    Also if I change the image type to partclone, the image will deploy and I see the status bars ,but when it finishes I get an error that says “This is not parclone image”

    I made sure the image name matches whats in the web GUI and whats in the /images directory.

    And If I try and manually type in the path like the error suggest. It won’t let me hit OK or Cancel to continue.

  • @Sebastian-Roth I have fully functioning .32 Fog server with images saved on them. I deployed one of these images from the .32 fog onto a host computer. Separately I had set up a 1.2 Fog server and using the same host computer I uploaded the image to the new fog server.

    I think my issue might be this partclone vs partimage thing. I got impatient and upgrading to TRUNK, hoping that would solve some issues but now I can’t even capture an image. I’ll start a new post and detail out my new set up. Thanks again.

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    Partimage failing like that my guess would be a screwed image file or possibly even a failing server disk. Do you have a copy of the image anywhere else so you can check if it’s still fine (md5 checksum e.g.)? If not then you might start to check your image by extracting it by hand - just for testing (you need a lot of extra disk space!):

    cd /images/<image-name>
    mv d1p1.img d1p1.img.gz
    gunzip d1p1.img.gz

    Does that work?