SOLVED Fog Service token and Service Startup Problem after Image Rollout

  • Hi,

    i have a syspreped Windows 10 Image with a preinstalled Fog Client in it.
    When i deploy the image and check the log it will always tells me could not get security token.

    Afai remember this will be gone after a reboot and client start working.

    What is the best way to deploy the fog service, just install and sysprep? Should i bring it to a clean state? If yes how?
    Another strange thing is that the fog service seems to not autostarting after deployment, the service is set to automatic but it will not start itself afai can see, the most strange thing is service is not running but fog client process is running in task manager.

    Please help

    Regards X23



    i uninstalled the fogservice and reinstalled it now the service will autostart.
    Maybe its wrong to just install fog service in a master image and then deploy it?

    Please tell me what is the right way to integrate fog service into an image?

    Is it maybe a problem to choose the option to hide the fogservice icon?
    I did that before when integrated into the image.

    Regards X23



    ok i rechecked it and the problem with the service is the following:
    After deployment FOGUserService.exe is running but FOGService.exe (service is not started)

    Before i created the image i just installed fog service on the client.

    Any idea why the service is not starting by itself? When i start the service manually it works and i immediatelly get a fog.log in client directory.

    I have installed fog without icon and with log in fog service directory.

    Regards X23


    I created a new image where fog service is installed but never started, when i now deploy that image the service will still not start, only the fog userservice starts, when i manually start the fogservice it works.

    Why will the Fog service not autostart when integrated in the image? I don’t understand this behaviour.

    Regards X23

  • @x23piracy What does this do? Does this allow the FOG service to be re-enabled?

  • @x23piracy Sometimes, when your unattend.xml (and any other processes) during post-deployment are happening, the fog client will interrupt the process with a host rename and reboot. This is why we recommend to disable it. Setting it to delayed start could be a solution for you, but you’d sort of be playing with fire, especially on slower machines where the delay isn’t long enough to allow post-deployment processes to happen.

    Maybe someone else has an idea.

  • @Wayne-Workman i have tried disabling fogservice and creating a setupcomplete.cmd but it seems that it will never be launched, after login i can see that fogservice is still disabled.

    I created it under C:\Windows\Setup\Script\SetupComplete.cmd
    Microsoft KB let me now that SetupComplete.cmd will not been executed when using OEM Key, for this reason i removed the install key i used with slmgr.vbs /cpky and /upk but anyway SetupComplete.cmd is not executed.

    Since that was not working i tried FirstLogonCommands in unattend.xml but even this is not working, i also do two registry tweaks with FirstLogonCommand, they work but setting FOGService to delayed-auto and service start not.

    My last try was a unattend.xml that will autologon once the local admin i create with the unattend.xml file and placed a cmd script into Start Menu > Autostart to reenable FOGService but also this method even does not work.

    Now i stuck:

    • My SetupComplete.cmd does not seem to be executed for an unknown reason
    • FIrstLogonCommands does not work to reenable FOGService
    • AutoLogon from local Admin (unattend.xml) and a cmd script in Start Menu > Autostart not working.

    Why should i disable FOGService before Imaging? the last thing before i get to sleep last night was to let the service enabled but with delayed start, after sysprepping and rerun on the same vm setup was running clean and after logon fogservice was started.

    Is it really needed to disable FOGService before doing image tasks?

    I am screwed 😞


    Something else i could find on the web:
    alt text

    I am using Windows Media Creation tool to get a windows 10 iso, we are using BIOS embedded or bought Windows 10 Pro OEM Licenses.
    What can i do?

    Regards X23

  • @Tom-Elliott god damnit i really was blind sorry for this:
    alt text

  • @x23piracy the reset encryption data is found under the “General” portion of the host edit page.

  • @Wayne-Workman could you please tell me where the link is to reset the token for a single machine?
    Maybe i am blind but i cannot see anything i would take for resetting the token thing.

    alt text

  • Ok. You’ve asked a lot of questions.

    the security token thing - reset the encryption for that host. It’s in the web gui, in the host’s basic settings.

    Also - disable the fog service before sysprep, and configure setupcomplete.cmd to start the service back up post-deployment. Instructions can be found here:

  • Hi,

    it seems that i have to delete the security id’s in database when deploying again and again to test an image.
    Is there no way to remove the security entry for a particular host over the web interface?

    Regards X23

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