Fog Group AD joins with Storage nodes

  • I have a question regarding fog running with multiple storage groups. I have one Fog Ubuntu VM server running as master in may main location and two slaves running as independent storage group/node in separate offices. Each storage node is responsible for a FOG group of hosts and they join them to the separate OU . everything works like a charm unless one thing.

    Each time i fill in the Active directory domain join settings under the groups after some time it disappears. as long as the setting is there its working fine, but somehow deletes it self. i’m running on SVN version 6873 on all 3 servers. my master i have upgraded from 1.2


    any help will be appreciated.

  • @moses Groups have never had persistent settings. Whatever you seen before, you’re mistakenly thinking it’s a group - it was not. Maybe it was your browser’s auto-filll, maybe.

    Not trying to be harsh, but groups in fog are not persistent - at least from the pending 1.3.0 release and earlier.

    2.0 WILL have persistent group settings though.

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  • @moses @george1421

    Wouldn’t that make more sense to have groups functioning as templates/rules for each hosts who belongs to? this is already the case fine for image association so i dont see why it shouldn’t work for AD

    Group1 - > AD OU : domain\ location1 \computers
    Group2 - > AD OU : domain\ location2 \computers
    Group3 - > AD OU : domain\ location2 \computers

  • George is right.

    Here’s how I explain it to people.

    Settings don’t apply to groups. The settings fall through the groups and land on the hosts - every time.

    Groups are nothing more than a means to mass-edit many hosts at once. It’s as if you clicked on each host and manually made your changes on it, and then did the same to the rest.

  • I’m not sure if this is related, but what I have noticed on my installation is that I have to keep at least one host in a group for the settings to stay there. If I remove all the hosts from a group, the group’s AD join settings get deleted. To work around this, I just keep 1 “donotdelete” host in each group.

  • Moderator

    Just so we understand. These groups don’t work the way you might generally think. In the current version of FOG 1.x.x these settings are not persistent groups. When you enter a value here FOG goes right out and updates the corresponding values for all hosts that are members of the group. Its a bit more like a group set function. The issue is if you add new hosts after you run the group update they will not receive the values you just set.

    Persistent groups are on the roadmap for FOG 2.x but they are not here yet. To bridge the gap I did write a hack to create the concept of group persistence. It does work but its not at all supported by the FOG Project. In this hack I created a database trigger that gets fired when a new host is added to the group. This will copy the values from a template host to the newly added host to the group. The group set function still works correctly and adding new hosts to the group will work.

  • I am experiencing the same issue. Looking forward to a resolution.