SOLVED Image size on server: 0,00 iB

  • Hi everyone,

    Fog 1.2.0
    Debian 8.2 x64
    Hosts: XP with 2 partitions on 1 disk

    I’'m trying to upload an image from a client, the transfert works, but once the task is completed, it’s impossible to find the image (there is nothing on /images) and the server tells me:

    alt text

    By default the images are copied on /images right?

    alt text

    Something is wrong? I tried to search in /tmp/pigz1 , but there is nothing on /tmp …

    i didn’t use special caracteres for the images et host’s names.

    Please help me! 😬


    I can’t deploy too:
    alt text

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    Moving thread to solved.

  • ! SOLVED !

    I just changed the username-password:

    alt text

    Thanks you very much Sebastian.

  • @Sebastian-Roth
    Hi Sebastian, i’m working on it!
    Thanks for your prompt answer!

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    @Ph3noM Yes, images are temporarily stored in /images/dev/<MAC-ADDRESS> when being uploaded. Don’t worry about /tmp/pigz1 that’s just an internal thing (actually a pipe to compress the data before writing it to the image file).

    After the upload is done the image should be moved from /images/dev/<MAC-ADDRESS> to /images/<IMAGE-NAME> (not /images/dev/<IMAGE-NAME>). Please move it to the proper location and you should see “size on server”. As well deploy should work then.

    But one question remains: Why is it not moved properly? In pretty much 99% of the time this is because your FTP settings are screwed up. Follow the FTP troubleshooting guide. If you still can’t fix this I ask you to show us the output of mount and df -h commands on your FOG server.

  • I found a folder on /images/dev named /dev/001d093262c2
    With 2 .img inside (like the 2 partitions of the image)

    I renamed this folder “fetexp” (it’s his name in image menu in fog),
    and changed his location:

    alt text

    And now it works fine !!

    Now, how to create an image properly? ^^
    I don’t think it’s the right way to do it 😁


    In "All images" menu, the image size on server is still 0 …