Help with Win10 sysprep

  • I’ve been trying to find someone saying that, and I couldn’t find it. In the past I remember reading that it wasn’t even needed for 7, but I can’t find that anymore.

    As for any reason I know it might be needed, is just regenerating some of the unique install IDs. The machine ID and a few other locations are used for tracking in WSUS and Windows KMS Server. I have however seen that these were not even being regenerated by my last few rounds of Win7 syspreps. Sure I have “skip rearm” set. I don’t remember why but I do remember it being needed/suggested somewhere.

    I’ve had to manually rearm and regenerate quite a few hosts this last year in efforts to keep my kms server active. Fortunately it’s as simple as 2 bat files and I only need to get 30ish to have a safety margin beyond the 25 threshold.

    If I could run these automatically on deploy, or maybe better would be to alter my pre-sysprep cleanup to run it and as you suggest skip sysprep.

    I’ll run some tests. Still curious what went wrong and why “CloudExperienceHostBroker” is causing trouble.

  • Not to change your mind at all, but is sysprep necessary?

    To me it’s always been burdensome, I’ve been imaging with ghost and fog and other solutions for a while now, I’ve probably imaged well over 3,000 machines by now. I’ve never sys-prepped and I’ve installed just about every mainstream piece of software under the sun without issue. Every time someone suggests to me that it’s necessary - I point to my entire building that is running fine without being sysprepped, and I point to other buildings, other organizations, and my past jobs that are doing fine without it.

    I’d suggest seeing if you can get it working without sys-prep first.

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