Can't register Optiplex 5040- tsc: Fast TSC calibration failed

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    Try another OPtiplex 5040. This maybe directly related to this particular machine.

    Could already be registered with blank info in the database. But we’ll rule that out later.

    IF same error occurs on the same model but different machine then try installing an earlier version of the kernels.

  • Registration. After the TSC message I get:

    "unable to register host for the following reasons: ". No reason is given, it’s just blank. The machine will reach the point of “attempting to send inventory…” and the screen will scroll endlessly .

    I just noticed there is another post about this a few below mine. Odd I didn’t find it when searching. I do not see a clear resolution in that post either however.

  • Moderator

    Well, since you are using 1.1.2 (suspect), I would say that you might have issues with something that was released in late 2015. The 380 is several generations behind the 5040.

    Can you fill in a few other bits of detail?

    Are you booting this in bios or efi mode?
    What were you doing when this error was thrown? (imaging, registration, capture,??)
    If you were capturing or deploying, what is the client OS involved here?

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