SOLVED Relationship between DB and GUI for hosts

  • Hi,
    Firstly excellent project - I have been using this for years. Keep up the great work! I have installed the latest SVN trunk tonight and I like the new gui feel and other visible changes! However 1 issue I did notice is after a successful DB upgrade I was only seeing 1 host from a possible 15? All new hosts that i inventory are visible…but all but 1 of my previous ones are not! I have looked at the hosts table in the DB and cant see any major difference between the new hosts and the old ones that are still there? Is there any other table that I need to look at here? and what should I be looking for? whats the relationship between the DB and the GUI…? What do I need to do in order to make the GUI see my old hosts?

  • @Tom-Elliott The upgrading process should replace spaces in computer names with hyphens.

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    @Viper79 It’s no problem. We often miss the most pertinent of details (when considering that detail is usually not indicative to most as the problem.)

    Glad you found the issue and reported what the problem was for your scenario.

    I am fairly sure FOG no longer allows you to even create a host with a space in the name, though I’m not sure if the script from the init’s makes these same checks.

  • @Tom-Elliott Yeah sorry I didn’t provide enough information - being a software engineer myself I know that the key is in the detail! Still this will be a nice quick fix if anyone else see this or if its added to any FAQ.

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    @Viper79 didn’t know your hostnames had spaces and yes this, too, would cause a problem. Fog know tries to ensure hostnames are appropriate to what Windows requires. This means 15 characters and alpha-numeric characters (A-Za-z0-9 - and _)

  • @Tom-Elliott I managed to fix this…I noticed the only difference between the 1 host working from the old config was no spaces in the name! after updating the db name from test 1 to test_1 it now appears in the gui!! So spaces make a difference in the name!

    Thanks again for rapid help and expect more from me to help this project in any way.

  • @Tom-Elliott I keep forgetting about that.

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    @Wayne-Workman I hope so, if he went from one to latest trunk, it should automatically create a backup.

    Of course confirmation would be great.

    Folder of db backups (default) is /home/fogDBbackups.

    Please check and let us know!

  • @Viper79 do you have a DB backup?

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    @Viper79 From the sounds of it, for what ever reason, it created the MAC Addresses, but didn’t transfer them properly over to the table association.

  • Wayne,
    Thanks for the reply - Sorry I should have added all the info you requested in my first post:
    Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
    Upgraded from 1.2.0
    Reason for upgrade was simply browsing this forum and noticing a few other issues that I was encountering was fixed fixed in other trunks…so I just figuring updating to the latest trunk would be the best idea. I have searched through the forums in regards to possible host issues and I could see this query being referenced :

    SELECT * FROM hosts WHERE hostID NOT IN (SELECT hmhostID FROM hostMAC);

    this only brings back 1 host…so it seems that the hostsID and hostMAC’s match bar 1…

    Thanks again

  • We can get you straightened out, but we need to start off with just gathering some info.

    What OS are you running FOG on? Version?

    What version of FOG did you upgrade from?

    Why did you upgrade? Was there some sort of problem with the latest stable?