Client - disable constant checking of disabled services?

  • Whilst I like how frequently hosts update, now, I am wondering if our FOG server has slowed down considerably because several hundred hosts check in every 10 seconds, constantly. Whether or not the slowing down is the result of a recent update to git, would it not be an idea, regardless, for a host to first check which services are enabled on the server and then only update those? One “checkin” could do something like compare a two byte “flag” set for the host in the FOG database against a locally stored flag. Subsequent checkins would then only be performed on those services for which a “1” is set - until the next “master” checkin to check - again - which hosts are checked in or not.

    Actually, I’m curious why FOG’s service associations aren’t done in this way all requests aren’t just “gathered” up and done at once?

    Interested in any insight anyone can give me 🙂 thanks!

  • For future readers, there is a post in this thread that details how to do this for the legacy client:

    I believe that for the new client, it is able to auto-adjust when the checkin time changes.

  • Senior Developer

    We do it this way because the current FOG code base can’t do it any other way without a serious amount of work. FOG 2.0 removes polling altogether. As for “fixing” the slow down, just change the client checkin time (found on the server). It defaults to 60 seconds.