SOLVED Running identical Kernels on nodes as server

  • Is there a way to either share the same kernel amongst nodes, or download different kernels for nodes independently of Server’s kernel ?

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    Ahh, now I understand. Alright. We’ll just leave it. Might be helpful to someone at some point. 🙂

  • This topic can probably be closed…I forgot that the clients booted from Server’s kernel first, before being redirected to node on location.

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    Not sure what you mean with “node” and “server” here!?

    The (FOG) server has its very own kernel coming with the OS you installed (debian comes with a different kernel than Fedora or CentOS or Arch or Ubuntu). This kernel has nothing to do with FOG. It’s just running the system on which FOG (web server, database, etc.) runs.

    As Wayne already said the clients (is that what you mean with nodes?) boot up via PXE and download a kernel (and initrd) from FOG. You can find that kernel on your server in /var/www/fog/service/ipxe and it’s named bzImage/bzImage32.

    If you are keen you can try using your server kernel on the clients as well. Just copy it from /boot to the directory mentioned above (be aware not to overwrite the original one). But I am pretty sure you’ll run into problems.

  • The hosts in your environment should be pulling the kernel from the web server.