• I have been trying to configure a new location for my fog images because for some reason my fog server installed on a 30gig partition on my Kubuntu server and i need more space(totalLinuxNoob). That being said i have been playing with folders and permissions and it seams I screwed something up as i am now getting the following error when attempting to create a new task. I have been reading about on the topic and am significantly lost.
    FOGFTP: Login failed. Host:, Username: XXXXX, Password: XXXXXX, Error: ftp_login(): Login incorrect.cap.JPG

  • @Jordonlovik With the exception of the /etc/exports file and creating the /dev folder and the .mntcheck files

    If the storage that you add is local, You not only add the new directory to the Storage Management area as a new storage node, you also have to add entries to /etc/exports and create the /dev folder and the .mntcheck files

  • @Wayne-Workman If i have space on Kubuntu server in a different partition can’t i just add the location for that to a new node without additional configurations?

  • @Jordonlovik said:

    for an easy way to add space for my fog images. as you can see i am already running low.

    As long as the credentials used have permission you are fine. Is what you did best practices? Nope.

    It’s fairly simple to add space to a fog server. This community is filled with people who know that really well. You can add a USB 3.0 drive, add an internal drive, or buy a synology NAS, or build another FOG server configured as a storage node, and just add it to your web UI as a storage node. Lots and lots of options.

  • I think i found the problem. I was doing my poking around on my administrator account on the Kubuntu server. while messing the the folders i must have taken ownership of them as the administrator user. I changed the login credentials of the defaultmember node to fix the issue. Can i expect adverse effects based on what i did to the original \images folder? I am still looking for an easy way to add space for my fog images. as you can see i am already running low.

  • @Jordonlovik When it is taking “four times longer” and finally returns, what is displayed on the image size on server column?

  • Capture.PNG
    Also I can see the images folder from the fog dashboard. I have noticed that when i click on the Images tab however it takes 4 times as long for them to populate to the fog web UI. I dont know if this is related or not.

  • I was able to complete the FTP test with no issues. whats next?

  • Read through this, come back for help if you need it.