SOLVED Host Management says "Connection Refused"

  • Hello,
    l am new here.

    I created a host which mac address is my ubuntu’s address. There is a red dot appeared which says “Connection Refused”. l pressed Upload button and system created a task. l restarted my pc and pressed F12, FOG Server boot service did not apper and an error appeared that says " No boot filename received "

    l have been trying FOG System for 2 days and nothing continues perfectly.

    Thanks for helping.

    Screenshot from 2015-09-10 15:49:21.png

  • Tom is right, we need more details.

    Is this setup at home? Are you using a consumer grade router combo-device ?

    Are you in a private network? 172.16.x.x is a reserved range for private networks… So I’m assuming you’re either working for a very well established employer - or this is a home setup and you chose that range just to be slick 🙂

  • To add on to the other questions you posted, the fact that you’re not getting a boot menu and actually see the “No boot filename received” leaves me thinking of potential issues in your configuration.

    FOG works by PXE. PXE Operates by handing out a boot file from the specified PXE Server (Option 66 = IP Of server handing out the boot file). My guess is either Option 66/Next-server and/or OPtion 67/Filename (the file to load during pxe boot) is not set correctly.

    The other things to be aware of is firewalls. Seeing as the screen shot you provided appears to be a version of Ubuntu (guessing 14?) my suspicion leads into the thought that maybe the firewall on your fog server is still enabled.

    I guess what I’m asking is for more details about your setup and configuration. I’m also trying, based on the information I do have, trying to help steer you, hopefully, into a potential solution.

  • This, my friend, is not necessarily a “FOG” problem. Connection refused is most likely the ping request going to that system is literally being refused.