• FOG does a lot more than just imaging, especially with FOG client. I use the Snap-In feature to silently install and update software that gets updated so much it becomes a nuisance (cough FLASH cough).

    Since snap-ins are a single executable file, and since FOG web GUI allows for a very simple creation of a new snap-in…

    Here are some of the snap-ins I am using at my institution, available for download via SourceForge and direct upload to your FOG server.


    My packages are used in a Windows 7 and Windows 10 environment.

    I hope this is helpful to some or all of you!

    As always, a big thank you to Tom Elliott and the rest of the @Senior-Developers for your hard work on this!!

  • Yes, correct! Force of habit, I guess, FOG 0.32 didn’t play as nicely with some of the more complicated packages (SPSS, Adobe CC, ArcGIS) but the .sfx method always seemed to work. I occasionally need to include custom .XML files for setup configurations too…

  • Senior Developer

    Just an FYI, most software packages are already snapin compatible and don’t need to be made into self extracting archives.

    For example, Java can be done by uploading the jre exe and setting “Snapin Arguments” to “/s”. Basically you want to find out the silent installation command line arguments for the software package and use that.